Blaze is a Ph.D. student in Medical Biophysics with an interest in debunking pseudoscience. He was formerly anti-vaccine given that a member of his family had autism and he had not conducted a thorough review of the evidence. After some time in graduate school, he began to research the topic and subsequently revised his views regarding the vaccine-autism link.

The goal of The Skeptics’ College is to have readers leave with a more skeptical mindset and to give them the skills required to critically appraise various forms of evidence and determine what is really true. With the advent of the internet and the simplicity of Google, too much low-quality information is available to the general public and it is becoming more difficult for the layperson to sift though these sources in order to make sound, informed decisions.

This site aims to play a part in promoting scientific skepticism to the public, along with the other skeptics’ resources that are available. Check here for a list of other great resources.

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